Current Exhibitions

September 27th to November 7th, 2018

A pop up exhibition featuring photographs by Simon Youth Academy students Wilman (Daniel) Ayala, Alejandro Flores, Getzemani Gomez, Christian Gonzalez, Tania Gutierrez,¬†Hector Hinojosa, Estefany Macias, Gustavo Munoz, Adam Reyes and Kaleah Spears. Location: Third floor of Circle Center Mall (across from Banana Republic) Hours: Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm Parking: Convenient hourly parking is…

iMOCA at CityWay
July 4th to December 31st, 2018

To plan your visit, please call the Alexander/CityWay at¬†317.624.8200 to check gallery availability as private events frequently take place in the space. Hayes’s fabric structures explore color theory, quilting, pattern making and modern design.