2004 Exhibitions
iMOCA Murphy

November 12 -November 13, 2004

When Contemporary Art Speaks

Artists have been fascinated with words as images since ancient times, but particularly in the 20th century. When Contemporary Art Speaks takes this literal visual language (words and letter forms as subject matter) a step further. Some are witty. Some require a bit of thought. Most question the traditional notions of the viewer purely as a spectator. The exhibition is an exploration of direct communication between the artist and their audience and encompasses a multitude of mediums from vinyl wall installations and drawings to video and interactive art.

Participating Artists

Stephanie Brooks
Harrell Fletcher
Kevin Hamilton
Adam Pendleton
Tomas Schmit
Erwin Wurm

Exhibition made possible through the support of Katz & Korin and the Efroymson Fund.
Above: Stephanie Brooks: Politeness Strategies #3, Vinyl, 2004
Courtesy of Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago


August 27 – November 6, 2004

Out of Place TWO
Conclusion of a two part series

Out of Place TWOPlace…the landscape in art has been represented by artists through the centuries. From the earliest cave paintings to the impressions of Monet, we have been amazed by what surrounds us every day.

Four artists from different geographical areas throughout the United States take an updated and fresh approach to this most traditional of subjects. Via a multitude of mediums and the utilization of the latest technology, Ken Fandell, Anthony Goicolea, Dwayne Moser and Kari Thomas create their own versions of the contemporary landscape.


Ken Fandell – photography
Anthony Goicolea – video
Dwayne Moser – mixed media
Kari Thomas – installation

Exhibition made possible through the support of Katz & Korin and the Efroymson Fund.


May 15 – July 15, 2004

Out of Place ONE
iMOCA’s opening exhibiton

Out of Place ONEPlace is a subject that has been contemplated by artists over the centuries. A permanent place for the advancement of contemporary art has been something that has been missing from the cultural landscape of Indianapolis, until now. Out of Place One is the first exhibition at the new and first home of the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art at The Emelie Building at 340 N. Senate Avenue.

Out of Place One will include four nationally exhibited artists from different cities using different media to explore that place between who we think we should be and who we are, how we interact with and interpret what we see everyday. Those artists are Craig Doty, Theresa Gooby, Nikcy Hoberman, and Lee Walton.

Exhibition made possible through the support of Katz & Korin and the Efroymson Fund. 


January 23 – February 21, 2004

Earth, Air, Fire & Water
The Four Elements by four artist

Earth, Air, Fire & WaterThe Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA) and Herron Gallery will collaborate to present this exhibit of site-specific art. All of the participating artists (Charles Gick, Jeremy Tubbs, Bill Viola and Patrick Zentz) will present unique experience-based installations for the Herron Gallery.

Herron Gallery, Herron School of Art / IUPUI
1701 North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202
(317) 920-2420

Exhibition made possible through the support of Katz & Korin. 


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