Past Exhibitions

A pop up exhibition featuring photographs by Simon Youth Academy students Wilman (Daniel) Ayala, Alejandro Flores, Getzemani Gomez, Christian Gonzalez, Tania Gutierrez, Hector Hinojosa, Estefany Macias, Gustavo Munoz, Adam Reyes and Kaleah Spears.

Hayes’s fabric structures explore color theory, quilting, pattern making and modern design.

Join iMOCA for the unveiling of the new mural in the Holy Cross neighborhood, located at Downtown Doggie.

OPEN HOUSE • 618 Studio

Tread Lightly is the first solo exhibition of artist Carly Glovinski’s work in the Midwest. Rooted in observation, her mixed media practice investigates objects, patterns, and organizing systems found in daily life.

This partner exhibition with the Hoosier Salon features artists from Indianapolis, Muncie, Bloomington, South Bend and Evansville working in painting, photography, sculpture and metal work with a strong comprehension of the elements of art.