Past Exhibitions

Sarah Hobbs is known for work that “examine(s) concepts that involve the human psyche: neuroses and compulsions that challenge us all, questioning the idea of normal and illustrating our attempts to cope with and manage our issues.”

Mel CHIN Cross for the Unforgiven: 10th Anniversary Multiple (2012), 1 of 2 AK-47 assault rifles (cut and welded) UNLOADED presents a number of perspectives on the image and impact of guns in contemporary culture

Curated by Indianapolis-based artist and curator Michael Milano, Habeas Corpus features the work of five artists––Daniel Baird, Edmund Chia, Jessica Labatte, Kelly Lloyd and Leah Mackin––that presence the body through mediation.

The Indianapolis artist Benjamin Johnson opens the first of two part exhibition at iMOCA’s CityWay Gallery.  Spacetime depicts imagery of the moon throughout the lunar cycle.

Kate Carr’s chooses materials for her sculptures that are associated with utility, usually very familiar (such as felt and plywood), though overlooked in our daily lives. The formal quality that concerns her most is line, the simplest mark that both differentiates while connecting space. She uses simple geometric forms as they allow her materials to be seen and encountered clearly, unencumbered by their shape.

Sarah McKenzie’s work captures architecture in transition. Her work has depicted hotel rooms and parking garages, spaces that are specifically designed to accommodate the temporary; spaces that are fluid rather than fixed. Along these lines, her newest body of work focuses on exhibition spaces–the architecture of museums and galleries.